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How to develop soft skills like leadership, stakeholder management, etc.?

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Senior Software Engineer [E5] at DoorDasha year ago

My manager suggested that I work on the skills below to advance my career. Do you have any masterclasses or other resources to develop these skills? I added links to the resources that I know about.

* Stakeholder management
* Project management
* Design & architecture - https://www.jointaro.com/playlist/dChIyTQcu2Ct5VC70lki/
* Communication - https://www.jointaro.com/question/3VNPK7wol76s89EkgFeW/what-are-software-engineering-fundamentals/
* Leadership - https://www.jointaro.com/lesson/X8vpfJooDpsX915ouC00/session-3-becoming-a-tech-lead-again-in-just-1-month-after-joining-robinhood-from-meta/



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