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How to effectively manage change in Manager?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer [SDE 2] at Amazon9 months ago

Hi Team,
My team has a really great manager who I've been working under for past 3~ years who has aided me in fast tracking my career growth, however there will be change in structure, and our team will be led by a new Manager. As a result, I'll be required to relationship with the new manager, earn trust, etc. However, at the same time I'm worried that all the progress I've put forwards to build a good case for my promotion might get lost as I've been doing a lot of work that doesn't directly reflect in overall Team's Yearly planning such as drastic improvements in OE (Saving multiple SDE weeks yearly), Many architectural upgrades to existing systems (As a clean up activity while working on my main project) etc. I feel these data points might get lost, how can I ensure that the transition between managers will not end up affecting my long term growth plan? I still have 3-4 weeks till the transition is compelte.



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    Staff Software Engineer [E6] at Meta
    9 months ago

    Great question. Thanks for asking. It is a painful experience, but everyone goes through it during our professional journey.

    Please make sure your documentation capture all the data points. For example, as a new manager, If I read your promotion doc, I should get all the signals for the next level. I recommend a table where one column indicates the job role and the other indicates the evidence. Your promotion doc should speak on your behalf, and managers and other stack holders should get the required signals out of it.

    Once you have the solid documentation, next I would recommend the followings:

    1. Set up a meeting with your new manager. Share your expectation and data points you have for the promotion. Ask him to connect with your previous managers.

    2. Meet with the previous manager and share your concerns. Ask him to share data points with the new manager and request him to follow up with the new manager.

    With above two steps, you will get fair understanding how things are moving.

    1. If you see a gap, set up a three-way meeting. Invite both your managers and drive it. Ensure you get action items to meet the promotion bar from this meeting.

    Also, I recommend sharing your concern with your skip since he will play a critical role in this transition and your promotion.

    At the end, understanding and accepting what is in your control and what is not in your control is a key. New manager and org restructuring is not in your control. Documentation and facilitating the meetings are in your control.