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I've been at E5 for a while now and am having trouble finding scope and working through others to get to E6.

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Senior Engineer [E5] at Meta6 months ago

I've found other resources in Taro about creating scope and working through others, but I was hoping I could get a more nuanced and clearer response for my situation.


  • My team hasn’t identified a goal metric that it’s able to move or a way to get there.
  • There are plenty of different projects, but only one that has a clear launch path from leadership. The rest of the projects are stuck in approval loops, in some cases for more than 1 year. I work on a Big Blue team with lots of external dependencies like legal, compliance, and many more.
  • The project with the clear launch path has Android work built on top of one of the company’s top priorities. I'm trying to find an Android mentor, but it's hard to get one close to me on the org chart. I plan to discuss this with my manager to determine the path forward.
  • There’s a great example of an E6 promo through improving engineering efficiency, but my perception is that the pain points in my org would be solved by alignment with leadership, not engineering.
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  • Alex Chiou
    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    6 months ago
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