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What to expect when meeting with hiring manager?

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Software Engineering Intern at Taro Community24 days ago

Meeting with the hiring manager tomorrow and I’m pretty nervous. Any last minute advice?

Context: It was for a full time role with NYT.

The rounds are recruiter screening, meeting with the hiring manager, technical interview, system design talking about building an example system and what systems you've worked with in the past, then final meeting with recruiter and team.



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    ML Engineer
    24 days ago
    • Ask thoughtful questions -- things that cant be googled. I like to ask about current challenges the team is facing
    • When the HM talks about their job and duties, pay careful attention to this. Use this to ask thoughtful questions
    • In my opinion, for internships, your soft skills are way more important bc the expectations for interns in terms of providing business value are much lower than regular engineers. Tho this varies widely between companies. cant speak for FAANG and big tech but I expect they have a higher level of hard skills, but in general your ability to learn and be mentored is whats key for internship interviews.

    To wrap it up, being thoughtful, impressionable, and likeable goes a long way and it's important to focus on that. Send a small thank you note after the interview thanking them for their time and a small blurb on what you enjoyed learning about

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    22 days ago

    The hiring manager round is almost always sort of behavioral round. You can follow the advice here: [Taro Top 10] Behavioral Interviews

    Also, what stage of the interview is this? A hiring manager round after the onsite is generally a formality where you passed and they're ready to extend the offer. They just want to be friendly (and check for any last minute red flags).

    If the hiring manager round is before the core technical interviews, then it will be a rigorous behavioral interview screening round most likely.