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Optimizing the Utilization of Taro Premium for a Successful Software Engineering Internship

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Software Engineering Intern at Infineon Technologies10 months ago

As a new software engineering intern who recently subscribed to Taro Premium, how can I effectively leverage the platform and its available services? What internal and external resources should I familiarize myself with to ensure a successful and productive start to my internship?

PS: My internship begins this week.



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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    10 months ago

    Excited for the start of your internship and we're all rooting for you! What I'd recommend:

    • Learn how to learn quickly.
    • Learn how to best high-quality ship code, which will be the primary metric you're evaluated on as an intern.
    • Alex made this 8 part internship success guide which I highly recommend: it's geared toward Meta interns, but a lot of the lessons should carry over.
    • Attend live Taro events that you find relevant. The speakers are almost all at the top of their field, sharing very tactical advice.
    • Finally, connect with others in Taro Premium. This helps not only to expand your network but also to understand how other companies operate (especially important for interns). You'll get notified about member-matching in the Taro Premium Slack (you'll receive an invite shortly if you haven't already).

    Here's a blog post I wrote about succeeding as a SWE intern.

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    Startup Engineer
    10 months ago
    • Mindset — it's easy to think software engineering is based on talent and not on systems and habits
    • Understanding career potential — levels, total compensation, difficulty (effort and time) to achieve
    • Shortcutting and learning from the lessons of others — contrary to popular belief, premature optimization is great for career growth
    • Expectations — what a high performer looks like in terms of code quality, velocity, PRs, communication ability, internal motivation, etc. You'll find lots of gems if you reflect on the answers and perspectives here.
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    Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer [L5] at Google
    10 months ago

    Rahul and Michael have nailed it in terms of how to "succeed" as an intern.

    The only thing to add from me is this - use your internship and Taro to figure out if you actually want to pursue this career.

    The best way to do this is talk to a lot people, both here on Taro and at your work. Ask people about their journey and figure out whether you would like to spend a significant amount of your life tackling similar challenges.

    As an intern you can still easily change course and do something else either adjacent to software engineering (PM, UX, Sales, Marketing, HR, etc) or pivot to entirely different industries. Doing due diligence now on how you feel about the industry will go a long way to keep you motivated, especially through the bad times!

    Good luck!

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