Offer evaluation and negotiation tips (240k TC)

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Anonymous User at Taro Community2 months ago

I recently got an offer for a senior SWE backend role.

A little about my background: Sr backend SWE, 8 yrs of experience


  • Big city in the Midwest
  • 190k base
  • 152k RSU (38k a yr)
  • 12k bonus flat (they don't do performance bonuses)
  • 3 days a week hybrid
  • unlimited pto

Total: 240k TC

I was told the base goes up to 225k pre-offer so I'm thinking of asking how we can bridge the gap or land somewhere in between. Planning on using the no-performance bonus as a talking point to get more base pay. Overall my interview performances were definitely strong from my perspective. Company and role-wise everything lines up for what I'm looking for in my career. The initial offer exceeds my expectations but I definitely want to maximize my comp.

Any recommendations or tips?

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    Outcome-Based Career Coach • Former Head of Engineering
    2 months ago

    Here are some negotiating levers to consider:

    • See my response to a similar question here on how you can articulate the value you bring rather than only focusing on the components of the offer
      • Base pay is often the toughest lever to negotiate, especially in larger corporate environments
    • Ask for a signing bonus, especially if you are walking away from a bonus in your previous workplace
    • See if you can squeeze something out of the benefits package (e.g. L&D budget)
    • Leverage the start date - if they want you to start earlier and you want a break, you can make some compromises here in exchange for something else
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