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Fastest way to get to E5

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Entry-Level Software Engineer [E3] at Meta18 days ago

I’ve been e3 for about two years. my manager put me for promo last two halves but it didn’t go through .(due to a bunch of reasons which are ambiguous , the feedback I got both times was - you’re doing 4 work but we have a quota) I believe there was some politics involved but that’s water under the bridge.

I’m going to reach e4 end of this half. I’ve lost trust in my management chain. I do think my team may have good opportunity and everything else is good but I don’t think my manager is invested in growing me.

I’m very ambitious and would like to get to e5 asap. What would be good ways to set myself up for success?



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    Engineer @ Robinhood
    18 days ago

    (Will be annotating the titles associated with each level # for folks who don't know Meta's leveling system)

    Honestly, just grind more code (either by working more efficiently or working more hours).

    1. The faster you ship, the more projects you can take.
    2. The more projects you can take, the more opportunties you have for E5 impact.

    This will give you the potential for E5 (senior) impact, but not guarantee it. E5 behaviors is a step up from E3 (junior) and E4 (mid-level), so you can't brute force to 100% of the way there. You need someone (manager, skip-level manager, tech lead) to help you along the way by giving you the appropriate feedback and by serving as a vouch (you need at least 1 E5+ to strongly vouch for you to be considered for E5 promo).

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    17 days ago

    If you think your manager isn't on your side, then you should definitely switch teams. The up-or-out clock resets after you get the E4 promotion, so that's the best time to change. Follow the advice here to find a good manager/team: "What's the best way to think about a team switch?"

    After that, go through our mid-level to senior course: [Course] Grow From Mid-Level To Senior Engineer: L4 To L5

    This course is very specific and largely based on my experience getting E4s promoted to E5 lightning fast. I recommend revisiting it regularly as you make progress growing certain behaviors.

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