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Right mindset when attending conferences?

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Anonymous User at Taro Communitya year ago

What are the things I could do to get most out of when attending multi day Conference's for example DriodCon.

Appreciate any thoughts about networking and bringing some learnings back. How to digest knowledge through the day usually its all theory heavy. What are the ways to relay and implement some learning in our projects or share with others in the team ?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a year ago

    I've attended Google I/O a bunch, and I've gone to a few DroidCon conferences as well. The last few conferences were during COVID, which meant they were full remote. A few reflections:

    • IRL >> in-person
    • Don't try to attend all the events. In fact, most of the value is not in the events, but in meeting other people.
    • For the sessions you care about, do some pre-work. Spend 15 minutes reading up on the topic, and come in with a perspective.
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    Senior SWE + Researcher, 23andMe
    a year ago

    I've gone to https://www.ashg.org/ a few times. My background is in CS, not biology. I've been to many talks where I did not fully understand the material. What has helped me is focusing on the application and getting a gist of "what is the main idea this person is trying to express?"

    Once I have that, I fill in the knowledge gaps more leisurely.