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How to define a yearly performance plan with manager?

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Senior Software Engineer at Series F Startupa year ago

Hey everyone! I am looking for some advice. I have weekly 1:1 with my manager and during our last interaction, he suggested to come up with a yearly plan on things I want to achieve. Can someone shed some ideas/templates I can follow to create a roadmap or plan.



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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    a year ago

    I hope these are helpful!

    ...he suggested to come up with a yearly plan on things I want to achieve

    It's hard to tell since there isn't a ton of context in the question, but I think you may be reading too much into this? This doesn't seem entirely performance-oriented to me - A lot of managers will ask this to capture aspirations like "Become an engineering manager" or "Grow into the resident video infra expert on the team". They might be asking you for these.

    That being said, if you still want more concrete examples of performance-oriented goals, here's some off the top of my head that I worked towards as a TL for IG Ads (these are on the 6-12 month time-span):

    • Revamp the oncall process for all iOS and Android engineers on core ads, formally defining a runbook and splitting the 2 into separate mobile platform specific rotations.
    • Be the primary driver for projects contributing 1%+ towards the team's overall revenue goal of increasing revenue by 3.5%.
    • Get at least one of my E4 mentees (mid-level) promoted to E5 (senior).
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