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How to introduce yourself when you join a new company?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer at TikToka year ago

I just started working at a new company. I am still going over the general onboarding process for all employees.

How should I go about introducing myself to the team & manager? Should I ping them on chat to say Hi & asking them to add me to the meetings? My whole team has about 16 members.

Thanks in advance!



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    Staff Eng @ Google, Ex-Meta SWE, Ex-Amazon SDM/SDE
    a year ago

    Your manager should be handling this. If there’s a normal on-boarding that’s companywide before you join your team, maybe they are waiting for that. Ask them! Your manager is the entry point for all of this stuff.

    In terms of what YOU do, write up your intro. What do you want to share about yourself? Any specific tech things you care a lot about? What made you want to join PayPal? What about this team? Any hobbies you’d want to share? I go for humor but that’s not strictly necessary.

    Beyond that, you should definitely be in rooms and meeting invites soon, but if it distracts you from onboarding it’s fine to wait until your “team join” date.

    beyond that part of your onboarding to the team should be to meet everyone 1:1. I just do it for face time, getting some notifications and expertise out of folks, etc.

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    a year ago

    As Lee mentioned, the manager should generally handle this. When it comes to introducing yourself to the broader team, team meetings are the natural forum. I remember when I onboarded back at Robinhood, we had a section for new Android engineer intros on the agenda for the weekly Robinhood Android meeting. You can do the same for your meeting - Float your intro to the top of the agenda if your manager isn't doing it for you.

    If you're going into the office, team lunch is another great avenue for introducing yourself and meeting teammates.

    I also recommend these resources to help with your onboarding: