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How can I branch out of my domain and learn about adjacent areas in order to build more scope?

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Senior Software Engineer [SDE 3] at Amazon2 years ago

I’m an electronics and communications engineer, I’ve been working in low-level software and hardware. I want to understand other domains – other technical teams and also dipping into PM strategy. I think this is limiting my growth in Amazon.



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago
    • Getting to more senior levels does require branching outside the current team, but make sure it’s targeted and not just some random team that you’re interested in. There has to be a cohesive strategy around the teams you’re working with.
    • Have good questions + opinions. Spend a few extra hours looking at team meeting notes and the problems they’re tackling, and offer something useful.
    • Some ways to be useful: reference historical documents, industry news, or connect the dots.
    • Just ask the relevant people – set up a meeting. Make it clear what your intentions are, and ask your manager for feedback as well.