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Big Tech -> Start up : Should I do it?

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Senior Software Engineer at Taro Community7 days ago

Hey Folks,

I have the famous question here : Big tech -> startup : Should I do it?


I have a pretty toxic leadership. I have even got offers internally, but the leadership played political and I didn't end up switching teams. Also to note, I was told that I have been given "meets most" or the lowest rating a person can get.

This was a pretty horrible, as I was in exceeds in my mid year. I am not sure why they are being nasty.

And rumor is that they will be letting folks with this rating go this month. ( All on blind, and some managers from other teams also confirmed, but I have not been given a last day yet)

Given this a context, I just want to see if I should take up a startup offer.

I have 10+ YOE, and I see that I am not getting as many calls as I used to just 2 years back. And the interviews are much more random. This makes me concerned.

I am not on visa. But moving from big tech -> start up is a huge paycut.

What do you suggest I do?



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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    5 days ago

    If you can handle the compensation decrease, I think you should do it, especially if you have never worked at a startup before.

    Startups are more fun, and you'll learn a lot. People are also more focused on actually getting stuff done at a startup (well, at the good ones anyways) because there's less time to play politics (at Big Tech, execs can play politics forever and the company will still make tons of money due to their market dominance).

    Here's a good thread about Big Tech vs. Startups for growth: "What's the difference between Big Tech and startups in terms of learning and growth?"

    We have an event coming up about this topic as well: Startups Are Better Than FAANG For Career Growth: When + Why

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    Thoughtful Tarodactyl
    Taro Community
    5 days ago

    Startups are a huge spectrum. I'm curious to know what stage this is. Also what are your goals?

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      Senior Software Engineer [OP]
      Taro Community
      5 days ago

      It is Series B.

      My goal is to be confident in working as an L6 in big tech someday ( think Meta, Airbnb),

      Right now, I am getting calls for L6, but I am not confident if I can sustain that title. I have not been an L6 before, but my scope of work currently(Non-FAANG, tier 2) , and I was at a FAANG before, perhaps thats why I am getting these calls.

      With startup, I do not intend on making money, it is to experience ownership, accountability and a higher title (perhaps inflated). Purely out of curious, taking a chance and betting on myself.

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