How do you "sell" your work and show impact as an aspiring Staff Engineer?

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Senior Software Engineer at Intuit8 days ago

I had a question on how does one exhibit impact and staff level behavior as a Senior engineer.

The staff engineers on the team code as much as me. Although I am a lead for a team, there is distinction between me and how another lead is being perceived. I am happy for them.

They have been in the company way longer, they advocate, question and are not afraid to speak up.

But code wise, I have way more commits. We are both leads, but I can tell they are on the way to becoming staff, and it is the behavior. I am not able to put a pin on it.

How can we be perceived of being extremely valuable and influential to the team without crunching code.

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    7 days ago
    • Talk to your manager for an honest opinion about your influence (or lack thereof), and if that may hold back your promotion to Staff Engineer. You've made good observations about differences in behavior, but I'd like for us to validate if they are indeed problems. ("If it ain't broke, don't fix it.")
    • Start with the outcome you want, which is to be able to answer questions for the team, influence team direction, and help others? Which projects would best allow you to do that?
    • Observe which forums the other Staff Engineers are using most effectively. Are they doing a lot more 1:1s, team meetings, group posts compared to you? (You should creep on their calendar, wiki contributions if possible!) I talk about this in the "Talk & Observe" onboarding framework.