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How to ramp up a new manager on your past work and impact?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer [L3] at Snapa year ago

If you have a new manager joining to manage your team, how can you ramp them up quickly on all the work you have done before them, the impact you have generated, your role in the team.



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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    a year ago

    Since Snap is a pretty big tech company, there should be a lot of infrastructure in place that you can take advantage of:

    1. Show them our past performance review packet - This should be an excellent summary of the type of engineer you are, containing feedback from your peers alongside a high-level breakdown of your accomplishments.
    2. Share major projects you have shipped - If you have a brag journal, you can just give them access to it. Otherwise you can fish up old project launch communications (Slack post, email, etc).
    3. Have them talk to your prior manager - When switching teams at Meta, this is more or less baked into the process. If your old manager is still around Snap, tell your new manager to talk to them so they can quickly understand who you are, your strengths as an engineer, and what you're working on.
    4. Give them access to relevant career growth docs - On top of old feedback packets and accomplishments, if you have any sort of promotion or expectations plan, your new manager should definitely get in on that.