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Who should I set up 1 on 1s with after joining a team?

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Senior Software Engineer [E5] at DoorDasha year ago

I'll be starting at DoorDash relatively soon, and I was wondering what 1 on 1s I should set up on top of the one with my manager. More specifically, are there meetings I should make recurring vs. 1-time ad-hoc? For context, I'm an iOS engineer.



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a year ago

    When you're new to a company (especially at a senior level in your case), you should be "trigger-happy" and talk to people even if there's a good chance it doesn't become a deeper relationship. Two reasons:

    1. You're new, so people will be more willing/interested to say hi and set aside time for you. You may not get that courtesy a year from now.
    2. Even if you don't end up meeting them regularly, it's still valuable to understand their perspective and what concerns they have. That can educate how you build things later.

    On the topic of recurring vs one time, I'd start with one time. It'll become obvious who are the people you should be talking to more regularly, and in general I think it's a courtesy to check with people before setting up a recurring meeting with them (has things out like duration + frequency).

    For my non-manager 1:1 recurring meetings, I usually had them be biweekly for a 3 month period. Finally, I'd also talk to your manager and ask them who they'd recommend you chat with.

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    10 months ago